DIY: Custom Sidepanel with Built-in LCD Display

After seeing ibuypower’s crazy cool, gaming PC side display panel concept at CES 2017 this year, reddit user Hadowkai decided to make a one of his own, and for much cheaper.

If you haven’t watched the video above, take a quick look at the gif before you read on…

So how did he do it?

Hadowkai took a basic AOC USB monitor, stripped it down to just the lcd panel and the drivers, then stuck it inside the case.

Grab yourself a 16″ AOC USB monitor to make your own DIY LCD side panel.

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Next, he placed a rainmeter overlay on top, which gives it that CPU, memory and power spec readout style to it.

LED Sidepanel - Exterior
LED Sidepanel – Exterior (Source)

Once he saw that it could work, he built a custom side panel for his Fractal Design R5, as initially, the LCD screen didn’t cover the entire window.

LED Sidepanel - Exterior Closeup
LED Sidepanel – Exterior Closeup (Source)

Because the LCD screen darkened the view to inside the case, he needed to install EIGHT LED strips to make the internals display brighter.

LED Sidepanel - Open
LED Sidepanel – Open (Source)

Finally, he had to feed the monitor’s power cable through the back of the case to keep it out of the way.

LED Sidepanel - Interior
LED Sidepanel – Interior (Source)

Hadowkai still has some finishing touches to do on the inside to help with the overall look, mainly painting the dark components white to make the LCD display easier to see. But ultimately, the results speak for themselves, and all without having to pay for the ibuypower version.

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