How to Build an ITX PC (Kaby Lake 2017 Edition)

It’s back to some gaming PC build love with Salazar Studio, using Intel’s newly released 7th gen processors (codenamed Kaby Lake).

Starting with the best “i5 money can buy” is the Intel i5-7600K 7th Gen Desktop Processor, with four cores, four threads, a 4.2 GHz turbo boost, and an unlocked multiplier, it’s a processor built for modern, high-end gaming.

That gets connected to the ASRock Motherboard Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming ITX, one of “the most beautiful ITX cases” Salazar has ever seen. Be sure to double-check the connector pins before attaching the CPU to ensure they haven’t gotten bent. Salazar also warns to ensure all the components work before starting the build, in case any parts are “DOA” (dead on arrival).

Once the CPU is secured, next comes his “favorite ITX cooler,” the Cryorig C7 CR-C7A CPU Heatsink, which is no larger than one that comes stock with an Intel CPU, but still keeps temps nice and cool, even when overclocked.

Then he installs 16GB of DDR4 RAM from G.Skill, aka “one of the most reliable memory manufacturers on the planet.” Once that’s connected, it’s time to install the motherboard into the Fractal Design Node 202 case, a “beautiful ITX case” with “conservative appeal” and an “ideal layout.” This particular version comes with a power supply, which he recommends as it just “makes things easier”, plus you can probably find for a better price than purchasing a PSU separately.

Be sure to install the accompanied I/O shield first before connecting the motherboard, using the shield as a guide to ensure proper alignment. Once it’s in, finish installing it using the four screws provided.

For the hard drive, Salazar recommends at “least half a terabyte” for any build, and in this case he went with a Samsung 850 EVO 2.5" SATA III 500GB SSD. He mounts this baby to a bracket then installs it, following up with a lot of cable management.

Last, but certainly not least, the graphics card, which in this case is a “reference” VisionTek Radeon RX 480 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card, that is “preferable in tight spaces” as they help keep the heat from other components, especially in the even more cramped space of this particular ITX build. Once the card is in, he puts the case cover back on and shows us some of the overclock tweaking he did to boost the CPU up to 4.5 GHz.

And that’s a wrap on this “console killer” ITX build, perfect for a someone who wants to game on PC in their living room with a system that isn’t a hulking behemoth.


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