Recap: The Best of Gaming PCs at CES 2017

CES 2017 is in the bag, and it wowed us with brand-new technology, updates of already great devices, and really cool concepts that may or may not make it to the consumer market.

Here is the news that excited us the most at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Razer’s Project Ariana

Razer was the talk of the show this year, revealing two new concepts (the other is later in this article) including Project Ariana, a whole new way to look at projection screens.

Ariana uses a special lens that figures out a room’s dimensions “based on how the human eye sees the world”, then uses an HD projector that projects the gaming image onto not just the wall, but the entire room! It’s like VR gaming, but without the headaches and eye strain.

ACER’s Predator 21X $9,000 Gaming Laptop

Expensive laptops aren’t anything new, but ACER decided to scoff in the face of all the budget-conscious gamers and announce the ridiculously pricey Predator 21X gaming laptop.

At a whopping $9,000, you can bet this baby is powerful, with TWO nVidia GTX 1080 graphics cards, a 21″ curved 4K screen, i7 processor, plus an innovative eye-tracking technology for an improved gaming experience.

And weighing in at almost 18 lbs, you could strap it to your back when you go for a jog or run up a mountain while you train to fight a Russian dude named Drago.

GeForce Now and LiquidSky Cloud Gaming

On-demand gaming has been around for a few years but hasn’t really taken off like developers have hoped, mainly due to bandwidth restrictions. Now, two new cloud gaming services, GeForce Now and LiquidSky, are hoping to change that.

The old idea of “on-demand” gaming worked by users streaming a game directly from the nearest server. But GeforceNow and LiquidSky both work on the idea of streaming actual gaming PCs.

So, a user on a Dell laptop from 2010 could play a title as if it was running on a GTX 1080 or Radeon 480 powered system. Now THAT’s exciting!

Razer’s Project Valerie

As if the projector wasn’t enough, Razer blew our collective minds with their new Project Valerie concept design: a laptop with three-screens!

Built with two screens that pop-out from each side of the main screen, Project Valerie is as cool as it is impractical. Featuring stunning, high resolution, 17 inch, 4K screens, the concept will allow users to triple their productivity.

The laptop itself is based on the Razer Blade Pro, so it’s a powerful machine, which is obviously needed when having two extra screens to keep on.

Corsair’s K95 RGB PLATINUM Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is known for making some of the best gaming keyboards on the market, and their K95 RGB PLATINUM may just be their magnum opus.

With Cherry MX RGB mechanical switches, profile storing in the keyboard, mapping complex macros and lighting effects to any key, and a new textured design, the K96 platinum is the new standard.


AMD has set the gaming world ablaze with their new line of VEGA graphic cards. Similar to the new Ryzen CPU, these cards offer a lot of power, at a cost much less than their main competition: Geforce.

The explanation behind the power in these cards include a lot of long-winded technical jargon that even I don’t understand, but rest-assured they offer an amazing gaming experience that won’t break the bank.

CES 2017 rocked our world this year. So you better stay tuned until next year and not miss out on all the crazy-cool tech from CES 2018!

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